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Who we are

Our goal is to provide the ideal product for your company to achieve its objectives. With experience in large advertising campaigns, we know the power an image carries and how it impacts the positioning of a brand. Direction of art, creativity and quality are the pillars that guide our work process. In this way, the focus of our studio is on the creativity and production of a good advertising campaign. Our team consists of photographers, 3D artists, illustrators, digital manipulators and film director, all working to better serve you in the global market.


We have created a company that offers the best for people and brands

  • Antônio Pedro - Partner

    Antonio Pedro took his first steps in photography as a teenager. Amateur photographer at the time, was always accompanied by a camera at weekends and meeting family or friends.

    In college years, his friendship with Frederico – who also discovered the photographic world – made them both exchange ideas and knowledge on the subject, arousing a passion for this universe. The awakening of knowledge was intense through the reading of books, specialized magazines, courses and workshops during the university years. The admiration of great photographers, like David Lachapelle, aroused immense interest in the deepening of his knowledge by the activity and beginning by the professionalization.

    In 2007, after years of study and dedication, he decided to open his first studio. Starting his first works in the field of advertising photography. Since then it has had the opportunity to serve several clients, such as Banco do Brasil, Caixa Econômica, Itaú, Caixa Seguradora, Fiat, Federal Government, among others. He collects awards and publications of his works in websites and specialized magazines, having one of his projects selected for Archive magazine.

    In 2012 he joined his interests in photography with Fred, a longtime friend, founding the Bulldog Studio.

  • Frederico Vasconcellos - Partner

    Frederico Vasconcellos aroused his passion for the graphic arts when he studied Advertising and Propaganda, his admiration emerged in reading magazines, books and specialized yearbooks while studying for his college. Simple and direct ideas formed in the commercials jumped at his eyes, Marcello Serpa’s school gave great impetus in his enthusiasm for the direction of art and photography.

    Formed in 2001, he joined the publicity market in Brasilia as art director, where he went through several agencies, such as Master, Lew Lara, Propeg, Isobar, among others. He had the opportunity to attend large clients, such as Banco do Brasil, Ministry of Health, Caixa Econômica, Volkswagen and Furnas, throughout his creative career.

    In these intense years of the advertising agency environment, interest in photography has become more and more present. The encounter with great photographers, happened through the accompaniment of photographic productions of his clients, made his enthusiasm to take new professional paths. In 2012 he joined his partner, Antonio Pedro, to open the Bulldog Studio

Business Partner


STUDIO NUTS is a collective creative studio made from highly skilled visual graphics artisans craving for film, music, photography, pop culture and chocolate bars. Our ecletic team blends award winning directors, 2D and 3D CGI pros, digital composers and illustrators, sharing an atmosphere of pulsing creativity at the convergence of art direction, design and filmmaking.

The result: an exquisite and unique visual alchemy. From concept development through to final delivery, our collective strength is ready and steady to achieve the best of your idea.


Born in Brasilia, graduated in photography in Rio de Janeiro and a graduate of the visual arts, winner of an African award, invited to participate in an international festival, director and owner of the Galpão 3 Studio, creativity never ceases to be part of the director's training Alexandre Fortes.

For 11 years, his work has become recognized by Brazil and the world. Alexandre was awarded the Best Video - Action AID Award in 2008 in South Africa and invited him to participate in the Raindance Film Festival in London in 2012 for directing or short film "Faithful", with which he also participated Of the 44th Brazilian Film Festival of Brasilia. Its ease in the conception of beautiful frames and balanced compositions happens, thanks to experience in the photographic profession and in the edition islands that are part of its formation.

Alexandre, several times invited to work as director of photography in the advertising and documentary market of Brazil, is also director of Galpão 3 Studio, a company that has existed since 2009 and grows without a creative market with his audiovisual productions. In addition, he teaches courses and workshops on photography, photography direction and camera operation, with the objective of promoting a photographic and cinematographic culture throughout the Federal District.